Our Commitment

Our commitment to sustainability and taking care of our customers just like our family member, has led to continued growth in our zipper bag exporting business. As an experienced OEM, since 1987, we still share the same value until now. As a family company, we want to take care of everyone around us. And this belief has been our motivation to satisfy the needs of our customers, team members and the communities we serve.

To Our Society

We continue to provide quality product and work stability to improve quality of life to both our customers and workers.

To our Workers

We provide continuous job training and safety education to protect our workers. Our human resource program covers benefits not only for the workers but also to their families and kids to look after their well-beings.

To our Customers

Our family continues to serve our customer with sincerity and integrity. Your smile gives us the satisfaction to serve you better.

To our Suppliers

Loyal and stable, we only stick to the best suppliers. Many suppliers have been with us since our start of business. Our long term relationship has brought us consistency and optimal quality control through our supply chain.

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